A surprise visit – Mumbai are you ready for it?


While the city of Mumbai woke up to experience slight drops of rain on a Friday morning, this December, the occurrence of rainfall in this odd season is not new to the city. Is this something the city should now be acquainted to? Let’s find out what caused these showers to occur at this oddly hour.

A depression in the Arabian Sea located along the Western Coast of India is said to be the reason for the prevailing rainfall in Mumbai. Rise in temperature of the water in the Arabian Sea has led to rise in the warm air creating a low-pressure area. The surrounding high-pressure area has rushed into this low-pressure area causing frequent cyclones. These cyclones bring heavy rain at its eyewall (an area around the origin of the cyclone) and traces of rainfall to the surrounding region. Drastic climate change occurring across the globe is the primary cause for the occurrence of cyclones.

We Mumbaikars too have been enormous contributors towards climate change. Cutting of trees insensitively, reclaiming land on the natural flow of waterbodies, burning fossil fuel and using plastic insensitively are some among the many reasons that prove our contribution towards global warming and thus change in climate.

This year, with the Nisarg Cyclone hitting us hard, yet another cyclone is probably midway. Reports have predicted the partial submission of Mumbai by 2050 leaving us very little time to protect the environment for our sustenance. Wake up Mumbai!


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